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Father's Rights Lawyer Elgin

The world of the 2010s is a very different world than the world of the 1950s and 1960s as depicted in well-known TV shows such as "Leave It to Beaver" and "The Brady Bunch." Mothers and fathers often fulfilled very strictly defined complementary roles in former generations. Today, our society operates on much more egalitarian principles and expectations.

In previous eras, it was often assumed that when parents divorced, children should stay with their mothers. Many people now recognize that when parents separate, fathers who wish to retain close connections with their children deserve respect and support in those efforts. Likewise, children deserve the opportunity to stay close to both parents whenever possible. For the sake of both parents and children, gender should not be a barrier to a committed, loving relationship, regardless of the status of the relationship between a mother and a father.

In a family scenario involving divorce, separation or never-married parents, family law courts do not assume that either parent is the best parent to have custody. A separated or divorced father may well be the more stable parent. The same is true of a mother when parents are not parenting together.

Ideally, parents can place their children's best interests at the forefront through the process of determining child custody and visitation arrangements. Unfortunately, however, conflicts can be tough to overcome. Brady & Jensen, LLP Attorneys At Law, zealously represents fathers in all types of family law matters involving children.

Protection of fathers' rights ultimately translates to protection of children's best interests in most families, as is true in the case of mothers' rights. Studies have shown that children with involved and caring fathers do better in school and get in trouble less often. As a caring father in Illinois, you have every right to expect that the law and the courts will give you a fair shake in all legal aspects of your parent-child relationship:

Brady & Jensen, LLP Attorneys At Law, is a family law firm dedicated to honoring a father's rights. Contact our law firm to schedule a consultation with a father's rights attorney. Elgin and other communities nearby include many separated and divorced parents in need of legal advice and knowledgeable advocacy. Brady & Jensen, LLP Attorneys At Law, is prepared to meet that need through customized legal services focused on fathers, children, custody and support.

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