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A Primer On Workers' Compensation: Your Rights

If you have been injured at work, you may be unaware of your rights in relation to workers' compensation. You probably never thought you would be in this situation, so how could you possibly prepare for it?

At Brady & Jensen, we help people just like you: Those who have suffered various work-related injuries and have questions about workers' compensation.

We invite you to read the information below, or for immediate assistance, call us at 866-930-2063 to schedule a free consultation.

Understanding Your Workers' Compensation Rights

How soon do I have to notify my employer? Let your employer know about your accident and injury as soon as possible. It is advisable to notify your employer in writing, noting the details, time, date and place where the accident occurred.

If you wait too long to report your injury — 45 days or longer — your rights may be limited.

Does fault matter? Injured workers are eligible for workers' compensation benefits regardless of fault. Whether your employer caused the accident or whether the accident was truly that — an accident — your rights are the same.

Can I choose my own doctor? Yes, you are free to choose your own doctor after suffering a work injury. After consulting with your initial doctor, he or she may refer you to any number of specialists. You are free to see those doctors as well.

You can see a second doctor as well, and any additional doctors that you are referred to from the second doctor.

Occasionally, your employer may request that you see a specific doctor for an exam. You are required to get that exam, but you are not required to get treatment from that doctor. Contact us if you have further questions.

How Much Am I Eligible To Receive? The amount of workers' compensation you may be eligible to receive depends on a variety of factors:

  • How badly you are injured
  • How much you make
  • How long you have been disabled and are expected to be disabled
  • Other factors

When you meet with one of our attorneys, we will give you an idea of what your claim may be worth and explain how we can help you seek workers' compensation benefits.

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