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January 2015 Archives

Do the Illinois elderly have weaker medical malpractice claims?

When a loved one is taken ill, an Illinois resident entrusts doctors, nurses, hospitals or other healthcare providers with his or her safety and wellbeing. However, when negligence on part of the medical care provider leads to an aggravation of the illness, an injury or death, people are devastated. In efforts to find justice on behalf of the victim of medical malpractice, people often take legal action. Sadly, many of these claims are not properly grounded and, as a result, lawsuits are dismissed.

Who and what regulates toy safety in Illinois?

The recent holiday season was typical in that children throughout Illinois received toys as gifts from their families. Because many toys are intended for younger children, it is important that they are safe and do not injure young kids. An earlier post discussed some dangerous toys in the market this season.

What are risk factors for repetitive stress from carpal tunnel?

While workers in Aurora who suffer injuries at work and seek workers' compensation are often under the impression that the injuries have to be obvious to the naked eye and certain injuries are not viewed as serious, occupational disease can be as severe as other injuries. One example of a repetitive stress injury that can stop a person from working is carpal tunnel syndrome. There are numerous risk factors from this problem and those who might be suffering from it need to recognize how it might have happened and led to their inability to work and be subject to lost wages.

Hold companies responsible for dangerous products

While people often trust that the products they buy are going to be safe, this is often not the case. Instead, in many situations, consumer products have defects that make them unsafe in many situations. When an unsafe product causes injuries to a consumer, the consumer may have the right to take legal action. This applies in situations where people are hurt by a wide variety of products including defective auto parts, dangerous children's toys or defective medical devices. Whatever the situation, people need to make sure to understand their legal rights.

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