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January 2016 Archives

Truck driver errors are unacceptable in Illinois

Truck traffic is heavy in Illinois and drivers and passengers on the road trust that truck drivers are driving safely because truck accidents can cause serious injuries and death. Since trucks are so much larger then passenger vehicles, even minor accidents can lead to major injuries. Truck drivers must take care to avoid dangerous behavior that could cause these types of accidents.

Finding the responsible party in medical malpractice cases

A variety of medical professionals may see and care for a patient before the person's medical treatment has been completed. Even in the doctor's office, a nurse might take a person's initial history, the doctor may make the evaluation and a laboratory may be responsible for processing tests. In hospitals, the situation is even more complex. In these situations, even more individuals are caring for a person while the person is ill.

Do drivers owe a duty of care to children?

Illinois drivers encounter a variety of different individuals while on the road. Drivers can pass other vehicles, large commercial trucks, bikers and pedestrians. In any situation, a driver needs to act carefully in order to avoid an accident. In general, a driver has a duty of care while behind the wheel. This duty of care means that they must avoid acting negligently while driving. Negligent behavior can include failing to follow traffic rules, speeding, driving while distracted, texting and driving, failing to adjust to weather conditions and engaging in other dangerous behavior.

Young boy injured in garbage truck accident in Illinois

Illinois residents encounter large trucks on the roadways in various situations. Whether a motorist is traveling on a major road, a rural road or in a residential area, semi-trucks, tractor-trailer trucks and delivery trucks are frequently encountered. Residential areas also see delivery trucks and garbage trucks travel near pedestrians and cyclists. Because of that, truck drivers need to be cautious of other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists that might be in the vicinity.

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