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Attorneys can advocate for those injured by dangerous products

Most residents of Illinois use cell phones to communicate on a daily basis. Many drive automobiles to and from work each day. When they are sick, they take medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter. Their kids enjoy playing with toys made out of wood, plastic or metal. These are all examples of common consumer products that we use regularly, that we assume to be safe. However, as last week's post regarding a recall of smartphones that would catch fire shows, sometimes these products pose a serious danger to consumers.

A product's poor design or a mistake in the manufacturing process could lead to a product becoming defective. Sometimes a product is not tested thoroughly before being offered up for sale. And in some cases, designers or manufacturers of products will take short-cuts, whether in design, manufacturing or testing in an effort to get their product on store shelves as soon as possible. Unfortunately, any of these actions can lead to defective products getting into the hands of consumers, causing them serious injuries. When this happens, consumers might want to determine whether they are able to pursue a product liability case.

That being said, the companies at issue in a product liability case will do whatever it takes to curtail their liability, including dragging out a product liability case over a long time if possible. Therefore, it is important for consumers who are pursuing a product liability case after being injured by a dangerous product to seek the legal help needed to confront the companies who have harmed them.

For example, an attorney can assess the facts of their client's case to determine what the strengths of the case are. An attorney can also examine the arguments proffered by the defendant, and expose weaknesses in them. Most importantly, an attorney can be a zealous advocate for their client, from the first visit to the attorney's office to the conclusion of the case, no matter how long it takes. The law firm of Brady & Jensen, LLP, Attorneys at Law have been representing clients in Illinois since 1868, and they understand what it takes to address their clients' needs. Their webpage on product liability cases may be of use to residents of Illinois who want to learn more about this topic.

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