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March 2017 Archives

What are the most common questions about workers' compensation?

Most workplaces are relatively safe, but the reality is that many workers are in harm's way every day. Illinois residents expect and deserve to work in areas that are free from potential danger, but that isn't always the case. And, as a result, workplace injuries occur. When this does happen, workers' compensation will likely come into play.

12 people injured in crash on Dan Ryan Expressway

Many of our readers in Elgin and northern Illinois probably commute to and around Chicago every day. For some, the Dan Ryan Expressway is a popular lane to travel. Unfortunately, with so much traffic in a major city like Chicago, there are bound to be some serious car accidents from time to time on such a busy roadway.

The documents you'll need in a medical malpractice case

As previous post highlighted, medical malpractice cases can be notoriously hard to prove. These cases can get highly technical, with various medical details making each step of the process sometimes seemingly more difficult than the one before it. In a medical malpractice case, quite a burden falls on the injured party. That means that are expected to keep detailed and accurate records and provide the right documentation to their attorneys.

A consumer versus a corporation in a products liability claim

Most Illinois residents are familiar with the metaphor or characterization of the "little guy" taking on the "big guy". There is perhaps no part of the law where this characterization comes to life like it does in a products liability claim.

Doctor error could have contributed to worsened medical condition

Medical professionals are tasked with the job of treating, and potentially curing, illnesses and injuries. Most are excellent at their jobs and take a lot of pride in their work. However, on occasion, a doctor error can occur that can cause further injury to an Illinois patient. If the error caused further injury, it could be compensable under medical malpractice law.

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