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Illinois crash inspires trucking safety call to action

Late last month, a devastating crash occurred on an Illinois interstate near Aurora. The truck driver who caused the fatal crash is suspected of driving for more than 35 hours without taking mandatory-length breaks. Many federal regulators, safety groups and the trucking industry itself are aware of the fact that truck driver fatigue is a hazard. However, this latest fatal accident has brought this public safety issue into sharper focus.

Why the government is being sued over backup camera timeline

When Congress passed a 2007 act aimed at preventing back-over injuries and fatalities, it mandated that the Department of Transportation (DOT) have a rule in place requiring back-over prevention equipment in all new cars and light trucks by 2011 at the latest. As we near the end of 2013, no such rule has been definitively created, let alone put in place.

How to keep your kids safe when a babysitter is behind the wheel

As new parents learn soon after their first child is born, you cannot control whether or not your children remain safe every moment of the day. Even parents with the best of intentions often find themselves in situations in which their children have become injured. Whether the injuries result from the kids' game of ninja in the backyard or from a defective product, parents can only do the best they can to keep children safe and hope that they have done enough.

Elderly drivers and canine passengers are at high risk for accidents

Dogs are indeed often man's best friend. And woman's best friend and child's best friend as well. However, new research suggests that elderly drivers may be placing themselves in danger when driving with their best canine buddies. According to experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, elderly drivers face higher rates of car accidents when traveling with canine passengers.

When baby becomes a dangerous driving distraction

When a new addition graces your household, it can be difficult to feel that anything else in the world bears paying attention to. New babies inspire a primal parental instinct to shower them with constant attention. Infants absolutely need this kind of attention, which is precisely why it can be dangerously distracting to have them with you while you are driving.

Frenzied driving causes accidents during the holiday season

Whether the weather outside is frightful or not, driving during the holidays can be uniquely hazardous. A high volume of motorists on the roads, potentially inclement weather, heightened emotion, distraction of all kinds and readily available alcoholic beverages make the period between Thanksgiving and New Years the most dangerous time of year to travel by car.

Safety Tips for Older Drivers

Most of us vividly remember the day we got our driver's license and how exciting that newfound freedom was. Indeed, being able to drive is a symbol of independence. However, as we age, our driving abilities inevitably deteriorate. Unfortunately, this deterioration can put us and others at risk. As an older driver or a loved one of an older driver, it is important to heed warning signs that may mean it is time to hang up the keys.

Lax Inspections Call Bus Safety into Question

Despite 40 deaths from deadly bus crashes in Illinois, Texas and Mississippi in recent years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has yet to heighten its oversight of commercial vehicle safety, as recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

New Illinois Seat Belt Law Goes Into Effect on Sunday

As we enter 2012 it is a time for new beginnings, and one of the things beginning on New Year's Day is Illinois' more stringent seat belt law. Starting this Sunday, adult passengers in the back-seat of vehicles will be required to buckle up.

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