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Make the right decision in the aftermath of a car accident

Being involved in a car accident, even a minor one, can put a person in a state of shock, with adrenaline pumping as you try to determine what just happened. But, being injured in a car accident can leave a person reeling, as emergency responders come to the scene and assess the damages and how many people need to be transported for medical care.

Head-on collision leaves Chicago area resident dead

Many of our readers have probably heard about a tragic accident that occurred on April 7, when a head-on collision resulted in the death of a 17-year-old girl from the Chicago area. The young girl was reportedly a backseat passenger in a pickup truck. Two other people were in the front seat of the truck.

12 people injured in crash on Dan Ryan Expressway

Many of our readers in Elgin and northern Illinois probably commute to and around Chicago every day. For some, the Dan Ryan Expressway is a popular lane to travel. Unfortunately, with so much traffic in a major city like Chicago, there are bound to be some serious car accidents from time to time on such a busy roadway.

What damages are possible when a fall drive leads to a car crash?

Fall is here, and along with it comes the crisp autumn air and beautiful autumn foliage, making it a popular time to for people in Illinois to take a scenic drive. However, any time of the year that a person takes a drive leaves them vulnerable to accidents caused by negligent drivers. While sometimes these accidents are minor and more of an annoyance than anything else, other times these accidents can be catastrophic.

Distracted driving is much more than texting and driving

Driving is a task that requires a great deal of mental, visual and physical attention. Drivers in Illinois must be on the lookout for other motorists, traffic signs and signals and posted speed limits. Unfortunately a lack of awareness -- i.e. distracted driving -- can lead to serious car accidents.

Zero tolerance laws in Illinois for minors

Drunk driving is dangerous in Illinois as in the rest of the country. Drunk drivers lack the mental faculties and physical coordination to safely operate a motor vehicle. Therefore, many dangerous car accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Drunk drivers can be individuals of any age. Despite limitations on individuals drinking alcohol under the age of 21, many still do.

Does technology keep people safe in a car accident?

Every year, car manufactures release an entirely new set of cars to the market. These cars come with a variety of different features meant to entice buyers in Illinois to purchase the new vehicle. While some of these changes are cosmetics, technology is often used to capture people's attention. While technology can be, in some cases, used to make people's lives easier, it can also make people safer.

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