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Car accidents often prove to be fatal

Car accidents are often attributed to some form of traffic violation. Such traffic violations can include speeding, tailgating, changing lanes without the proper notice to the other drivers, driving under the influence, texting while driving or talking on the cell phone while driving.

How is comparative negligence applied in Illinois?

Most motor vehicle accidents involve some degree of negligence. Sometimes one driver is entirely at fault. In some cases, however, both drivers are partially at fault. In Illinois, liability for a car accident can be shared by the parties involved in the accident. This is known as comparative negligence.

Car accident attorneys can build a strong case in your favor

A car accident anywhere in the country, including Illinois, is a terrible experience for anyone. If a close family member or you are in a car accident, you may need weeks or even longer to recuperate. Besides medicine, you may also need therapeutic care or long-term medical assistance and support. What's worse, anyone in a car accident may not be able to work for a substantial amount of time.

Car accident deaths cost Illinois over $1 billion

A car accident happening on Illinois roads can be a terrifying experience. If a friend or a close family member is severely injured in a car accident, then the pain and suffering becomes a real concern. Unfortunately, the number of car collisions is on the rise with more than 30,000 individuals losing their lives in car accidents in the country each year. Statistics from a decade ago show accident fatalities resulted in pain and suffering for family members and additional losses of $41 billion in lost worker productively and medical aid. Policies can be deployed to reduce the number of deaths and injuries and also the subsequent costs.

Air bag probe intensifies; criminal investigation demanded

Although you shouldn’t have to be thinking about whether your vehicle’s air bags are safe and effective as you tool about in your passenger car or truck, that is precisely the concern for millions of motorists across the country presently.

Autumn shaping up: Enjoy it, drivers, but be vigilant

Autumn in Illinois can be just about as compelling as it is anywhere else in the United States, with the annual transition it marks providing for dramatic scene-changing moments. For many people, the interlude between summer and winter can be especially magical, given its shimmering display of foliage transformation and its promise of approaching holidays.

Repeat DUI offender in Illinois highlights larger judicial issue

In an earlier post this month we reported on the fact that a 59-year-old woman was charged with driving under the influence after being involved in several accidents where a Illinois state trooper and seven others were injured. Since then, more information regarding the woman's driving record -- which includes a history of drunk driving arrests -- has been released, showing just how difficult it can be to keep a habitual drunk driver off of the road.

Illinois state trooper injured in car accident

A woman is facing a DUI charge following a crash that injured a state trooper on Sept. 6, according to local sources. The Illinois officer was sent to a local hospital following the car accident, and the 59-year-old woman has been charged with DUI, among other charges in association with the crash. Seven other individuals were also injured in the crash.

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