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Distracted driving is much more than texting and driving

Driving is a task that requires a great deal of mental, visual and physical attention. Drivers in Illinois must be on the lookout for other motorists, traffic signs and signals and posted speed limits. Unfortunately a lack of awareness -- i.e. distracted driving -- can lead to serious car accidents.

Zero tolerance laws in Illinois for minors

Drunk driving is dangerous in Illinois as in the rest of the country. Drunk drivers lack the mental faculties and physical coordination to safely operate a motor vehicle. Therefore, many dangerous car accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Drunk drivers can be individuals of any age. Despite limitations on individuals drinking alcohol under the age of 21, many still do.

Does technology keep people safe in a car accident?

Every year, car manufactures release an entirely new set of cars to the market. These cars come with a variety of different features meant to entice buyers in Illinois to purchase the new vehicle. While some of these changes are cosmetics, technology is often used to capture people's attention. While technology can be, in some cases, used to make people's lives easier, it can also make people safer.

Do drivers owe a duty of care to children?

Illinois drivers encounter a variety of different individuals while on the road. Drivers can pass other vehicles, large commercial trucks, bikers and pedestrians. In any situation, a driver needs to act carefully in order to avoid an accident. In general, a driver has a duty of care while behind the wheel. This duty of care means that they must avoid acting negligently while driving. Negligent behavior can include failing to follow traffic rules, speeding, driving while distracted, texting and driving, failing to adjust to weather conditions and engaging in other dangerous behavior.

Know how to respond when a driver fails to yield

Drivers throughout Illinois have the legal responsibility to follow the rules of the road. When drivers fail to follow these rules serious accidents can occur. Not only are these accidents dangerous to the negligent driver, but they are dangerous to everyone on the roadway. Many precautions have been put in place in order to try to prevent accidents in Illinois. Some of these precautions include protections at intersections. Whether it's a red light or stop sign, traffic control devices help to ensure that everyone understands their right-of-way.

Can more than one person be responsible for a car accident?

Illinois residents don't often think about the possibility of getting into a car accident while they are driving down the road. People like to think that they will be safe getting from point A to point B. However, the reality is that Illinois roads can be very dangerous. People can get into a car accident at any time and in any place.

Multi-car accident injuries several

As cars travel through Illinois, they may meet many obstacles. Congested roadways, construction delays and other dangers are constants in the state. However, no danger may be as serious as negligent drivers. Negligent drivers are people who fail to use the caution that is required to safely operate a motor vehicle. These drivers are reckless. They may ignore traffic laws, speed or weave through traffic. In some cases, these drivers get behind the wheel while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. These drivers place themselves and all others on the road in danger.

Illinois highway crash kills one, injures two others

Car accidents cause serious injuries to those involved and many victims are minor children or older citizens. Victims often suffer traumatic injury to the brain and neck including fractures and external bleeding and internal hemorrhaging. Car accidents can also be cataclysmic for the victim's family who must absorb the financial and emotional consequences, such as exorbitant medical bills and helping the victim through long-term medical treatment due to disability. Some victims die due to injuries suffered despite getting medical care and attention.

Complicated car accident lawsuits call for experienced attorneys

Car accidents not only cause great loss to life and property to several Illinois residents, but often lead to thousands of dollars in expenses in addition to medical expenses, lawsuits and awarded compensation. Such expensive car accident lawsuits have often been looked into by the authorities very critically. Several residents and victims of car accidents as well as their family and loved ones seek the help of professional attorneys who deal with accidents in order to help them obtain justice in the court of law.

Car accidents often prove to be fatal

Car accidents are often attributed to some form of traffic violation. Such traffic violations can include speeding, tailgating, changing lanes without the proper notice to the other drivers, driving under the influence, texting while driving or talking on the cell phone while driving.

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