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Some resolutions for divorcing and divorced parents

It is now February. The symbolism of the new year has passed and statistics indicate that if you made any resolutions at the beginning of January that you have likely not stuck to them with the focus that you had originally intended. However, there is good news to be had. Resolutions can be made at any time of the year. And if you are among the many individuals currently navigating a divorce process or its immediate aftermath, there is no time like the present to set some new, healthy intentions.

How will a divorce affect your health insurance coverage?

The loss of health insurance coverage is a very real consequence of divorce for many Illinois residents. In many households, all members of a family are insured by one spouse's employer-sponsored health plan. In the event of divorce, a former spouse loses his or her dependent status, meaning he or she can no longer be covered under that plan. Children typically do remain on the employer plan, but the responsibility for paying the premiums may shift.

Using the divorce process to make the most of your post-divorce life

When you make the decision to end your marriage, you are immediately greeted by a host of additional challenging decisions. You must decide how to divide your property, how to construct a parenting plan in regards to your children and whether or not to approach your divorce in a collaborative fashion.

How extramarital affairs may factor into you divorce process

If your spouse cheats on you, it may feel like the most significant life event to ever impact your marriage. However, it may not necessarily reflect as such to a judge. In terms of property division laws, cheating does not ordinarily impact divorce judgments unless valid prenuptial agreement terms related to cheating are enforceable. Why is this and in what ways could cheating affect your divorce? The answers to these questions are unfortunately complicated.

How to de-stress your children's custody arrangements

Children are resilient creatures. Due to this simple fact, most children of loving and conscious parents emerge from the transition from two-parent household to a separated family without any significant psychological challenges. In fact, research indicates that kids of divorced parents are often just as adjusted and often more independent than children whose parents opted to remain together.

Relocation of a Parent and Children in Divorce Cases

Child custody is an important and often central issue in divorce cases. Relocation of a custodial parent after a divorce is an especially difficult and potentially complicated element of many child custody disputes. Both the custodial parent seeking to relocate and the non-relocating parent should be aware of what factors are involved in resolving such cases under Illinois law.

DuPage County's "Operation Love 2" Targets Those Behind on Child Support

Valentine's Day wasn't so sweet for 11 men arrested in DuPage County for failing to make court-ordered child support payments. The arrests were part of "Operation Love 2," where teams searched for 43 parents behind on their child support obligations, collectively owing $1.3 million.

Illinois Will Not Take Casino Winnings for Child Support

Parents who are delinquent in child support payments can face several penalties, including wage garnishment, interception of state and federal tax returns and suspension of various licenses such as driver's, hunting and professional.

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