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Woman sues Illinois hospital for medical malpractice

Medical malpractice in Illinois can cost healthcare professionals their jobs and require the payment of hefty compensation. Recently, a woman sued a group of healthcare providers for medical negligence, stating that she suffered cardiac arrest and serious breathing problems while delivering a baby in the emergency room due to alleged medical errors.

Do the Illinois elderly have weaker medical malpractice claims?

When a loved one is taken ill, an Illinois resident entrusts doctors, nurses, hospitals or other healthcare providers with his or her safety and wellbeing. However, when negligence on part of the medical care provider leads to an aggravation of the illness, an injury or death, people are devastated. In efforts to find justice on behalf of the victim of medical malpractice, people often take legal action. Sadly, many of these claims are not properly grounded and, as a result, lawsuits are dismissed.

The risks of falls in nursing homes

As Americans age, many families are relying on nursing homes to help care for older relatives. In fact, an estimated three million people will live in nursing homes by 2030. These elderly family members often have complex medical situations and other needs that require around the clock care from specialized medical professionals. Since family members cannot offer care, they place their trust in these professionals.

Don't let institutions or medical pros get away with poor care

When you suffer a medical emergency and you have to go to the hospital, you expected the best care imaginable. Really, this is the standard for all medical personnel. There is no wiggle room, no acceptance for second-best. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and hospitals have to be perfect, or they risk not only the health of one of their patients, but their reputation as well.

A medical check-up ... on doctors, not patients

Here's a health-related statistic that might reasonably grab the attention of patients and health consumers generally in Illinois and nationally: According to a recent government report, Americans miss out on about 30 percent of care that is recommended to treat their injuries and illnesses. Alternatively, the outcome in many instances is the ordering up of diagnostic tests that are unnecessary and can lead to inappropriate and dangerous follow-up procedures.

Medical misdiagnosis: A common and serious problem in the U.S.

The first crucial step in solving any problem is to correctly identify what that problem actually is. In medicine, for instance, a patient cannot be correctly treated until the doctor examines him and comes up with the correct diagnosis to explain his symptoms. An incorrect diagnosis could not only lead to an incorrect course of treatment, it could also allow the patient's condition to worsen.

Can healthcare providers become inspired to speak up for safety?

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. According to its website, this agency is tasked with improving the quality, effectiveness, safety and efficiency of the American healthcare system. As part of that mission, the AHRQ regularly releases reports on issues affecting patient safety. Many hospitals and safety experts use these reports as inspiration for improving patient outcomes and refining patient safety practices.

When absurd hospital equipment pricing harms patients

Recent studies indicate that when individuals are already burdened with overwhelming medical bills, they are less likely to seek necessary medical care that they require presently. It can be very difficult to bring oneself to seek out additional overpriced treatment when one is already overcome by medical debt. This is just one way that overpriced medical care can directly harm patients.

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