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What is "strict liability"?

Previous posts here have mentioned that when a defective product results in an injury or death for an Illinois resident, a lawsuit would proceed under "products liability" law. However, there is part of this area of law that may be foreign to many of our readers: the concept of "strict liability." So, what is strict liability in a products liability lawsuit?

A consumer versus a corporation in a products liability claim

Most Illinois residents are familiar with the metaphor or characterization of the "little guy" taking on the "big guy". There is perhaps no part of the law where this characterization comes to life like it does in a products liability claim.

Protecting the rights of those injured by defective products

When people in Illinois think of defective products that could cause serious injuries, they may think of automobile parts, such as the recent Takata airbag recall. They may also think of children's toys that could pose a choking hazard, medical devices, prescription drugs with dangerous side effects or household appliances that could start fires. Moreover, people in certain workplaces could be exposed to harmful substances, such as benzene and asbestos that could cause people to suffer from cancer or other fatal conditions.

Watch out for dangerous toys on Illinois store shelves

The holiday season is upon us. The kids have written their letters to Santa, and parents are frantically searching the nation's toy stores for this year's must-have items. However, some toys on store shelves are dangerous and could harm innocent consumers.

Can a product liability suit be based on a defective gun?

There are numerous reasons why Illinois residents may be in possession of a gun. Some people may be preparing for the upcoming deer hunting season. Others may have a firearm for protection. However, no matter what the reason, many gun owners respect the fact that these weapons are dangerous and take care to handle them responsibly. With that being said, if a person has an accident with a firearm, and they believe that the firearm was faulty or defective in some way, is there any legal recourse for the damages they suffered?

Attorneys can advocate for those injured by dangerous products

Most residents of Illinois use cell phones to communicate on a daily basis. Many drive automobiles to and from work each day. When they are sick, they take medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter. Their kids enjoy playing with toys made out of wood, plastic or metal. These are all examples of common consumer products that we use regularly, that we assume to be safe. However, as last week's post regarding a recall of smartphones that would catch fire shows, sometimes these products pose a serious danger to consumers.

Galaxy Note 7 smartphones recalled due to fire risk

Smartphone technology advances at an increasingly fast rate, and many people in Illinois eagerly anticipate the release of the newest smartphones on the market. However, sometimes the rush to get a product out on store shelves leads to mistakes in the design or manufacturing process, making the product dangerous to put in the hands of consumers.

Strict liability and automobile product liability cases

Last week this blog discussed the tragic case of an actor who lost his life due to a vehicle defect. His parents are now pursuing a products liability lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer with regards to their son's death. Illinois readers may wonder whether automobile vehicle defect lawsuits differ from personal injury lawsuits in general.

Parents of 'Star Trek' actor file product liability suit

Illinois residents may have heard of the tragic and untimely death in June of actor Anton Yelchin, known for his role in "Star Trek." Yelchin, age 27, was in the driveway of his home when his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, facing frontwards on the driveway, began rolling backwards. The vehicle crushed Yelchin between a security fence and his mailbox. Trapped, Yelchin unfortunately languished alive for a while, before he ultimately suffocated and passed away.

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