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Taking the right approach in the aftermath of a truck accident

Car accidents involving two passenger vehicles can be dangerous enough, but a collision involving an 18-wheeler or another type of large truck could be deadly. These huge vehicles oftentimes dwarf other vehicles on the road, so it doesn't take much of an imagination to envision the damage and injuries that could result if one slams into a smaller passenger vehicle.

Facing the aftermath of a truck accident in Illinois

Being involved in a car accident with another passenger vehicle is one thing, but being injured in a truck accident caused by an 18-wheeler is quite another. Truck accidents can leave the victims facing serious injuries, and because of the large size of these trucks, these accidents commonly result in fatalities.

Record settlement reached in Illinois truck accident case

Imagine suffering an injury so severe that not only did it require surgery to remedy, but also kept one from working. That is what happened to one Illinois woman after she was involved in a truck accident. After filing the lawsuit, however, the woman was able to reach a record-setting settlement.

Hours-of-service rules in place to prevent truck accidents

Semi-trucks traversing the streets and highways of Illinois play an important role in commerce. Carrying goods for sale from one city or state to another, there is no denying that these vehicles are a necessary part of doing business. However, these vehicles do pose a danger when handled improperly. In particular, when the truck driver is drowsy because a truck accident involving a drowsy driver can be a deadly affair.

Rule aimed at reducing truck accidents stalled

As our readers in Aurora may remember, this blog previously reported on a proposed federal rule by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that would make it so that newly manufactured semi-trucks would not be able to be driven faster than 68 miles per hour, enforced through speed limiters. The purpose of such a rule boils down to basic physics -- collisions involving slower moving vehicles will not be as severe as those involving faster moving vehicles. And, the American Trucking Association supports the proposed federal rule.

Truck driver fatigue at issue in federal spending bill

Illinois residents share the roads with semi-trucks, and for some, this makes them nervous. After all, semi-trucks can weigh tens of thousands of pounds, making collisions with them especially catastrophic. Truck driver fatigue is an issue not just for truck drivers, but also for everyone on the road.

Speeding truck drivers flaunt safety and break the law

Nowhere is the axiom "time is money" more true than in the trucking industry. Truckers in Aurora often get paid more based on how quickly they can make their deliveries, and the truck companies therefore profit from more deliveries made. However, such a culture can lead truckers to engage in dangerous behaviors, notably speeding.

Agency wants to prevent truck accidents through speeding devices

Due to their sheer weight and size and the laws of physics, speeding semi-trucks have the potential to cause disastrous accidents, causing innocent drivers to suffer serious injuries or even lose their lives. Therefore, Illinois residents may be interested to hear that a rule was recently proposed by the Obama administration that would require semi-truck drivers to install an electronic mechanism on their vehicles that would cap how fast their trucks would be able to operate.

Tractor trailer accident kills 1, injures 2

Tractor trailers are a common sight on many roadways across the country. While these big rigs are usually passed without any incident, there are unfortunately instances in which those same trucks are involved in, or possibly cause, accidents that sometimes take the lives of other drivers on the road. One such example of a terrible accident recently occurred in Illinois.

Truck accidents are rarely minor affairs

Semi-trucks are an important part of commerce in Illinois, but it is undeniable that these imposing vehicles need to be handled with care. In fact, it takes special training to operate a semi-truck, and truck drivers are obligated to follow federal trucking regulations and take due care while behind the wheel.

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